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Monday, February 20, 2006

The word of this administration is utterly meaningless

In this article in the LATimes, the administration flat out ignores it's legal obligations to protect our civil liberties. They really could care less about the law let alone what's right.

USA to planet: Iraq is none of your business (unless you would like to give us money or soldiers)

"I have said to Iraqis that we do not seek to impose our differences with Iran on them," Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said. "But we do not want Iranian interference in Iraq."
Khalilzad also bluntly rejected recent Iranian calls for a British withdrawal from the southern Iraqi city of Basra, saying the demands were "uncalled for." The Iranians, he said, were trying to divert attention from a recent crisis over their nuclear program by "getting involved in something that's none of their business."

These quotes from the Washington Post suggest an amazing obliviousness to how ludicrous the US sounds to the world. How can Iraq be any more the business of the US than Iran?

Bush administration - yet more ideological (the US is supreme - get it) incompetence (these idiotic utterances just further weaken the US).

The enlightenment glimmers... briefly

At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the enlightenment twitched - thankfully...

"David Baltimore, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist and president of the California Institute of Technology, is used to the Bush administration misrepresenting scientific findings to support its policy aims, he told an audience of fellow researchers Saturday. Each time it happens, he said, "I shrug and say, 'What do you expect?' "

But then, Dr. Baltimore went on, he began to read about the administration's embrace of the theory of the unitary executive, the idea that the executive branch has the power or even the obligation to act without restraint from Congress. And he began to see in a new light widely reported episodes of government scientists being restricted in what they could say in public.

"It's no accident that we are seeing such an extensive suppression of scientific freedom," he said. "It's part of the theory of government now, and it's a theory we need to vociferously oppose." Far from twisting science to suit its own goals, he said, the government should be "the guardian of intellectual freedom."

Dr. Baltimore spoke at a session here at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Though it was organized too late for inclusion in the overall meeting catalogue, the session drew hundreds of scientists who crowded a large meeting room and applauded enthusiastically as speakers denounced administration policies they said threatened not just sound science but also the nation's research pre-eminence."

From NYTimes, Feb 19, 2007.

Much of what made America great was it's technological prowess. When the technologists are speaking out about our leadership debacle, it may be time to pay attention.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

For another demonstration of how the Iraq occupation is a debacle of proportions still to be determined, the L.A. Times has a piece that illustrates that the US has disrupted power structures in the middle east in ways that have unpredictable consequences. At a minimum, it's certainly not clear that "get'n rid of Saaddaamm" was in our (USA) best interest. Iran is ascendant - now what?

King W. cannot keep America safe - the guy who got us into this mess is not likely to be the best choice to get us out.

Friday, February 17, 2006

King W and The Republicans are not, can not, will not keep you safe

As if we needed more evidence, now our King and his court have decided to turn over management and security of our major ports in and around New York to the royal family of the United Arab Emirates (I hate the racist overtones of this but this is probably one contract we might best have walked away from) who have been known to be supporters of the Taliban for example. It's not just that Bush can't keep us safe (allowing 9/11, not capturing Bin Laden, turning Iraq into the world's great incubator of terrorism, etc.) but they seem to be actively inviting it. Since the only good thing to happen to Bush (public approval %90+) was 9/11 and in the midst of it's continuing nosedive in public support - another terrorist attack might look pretty good right now.

Anyway Dems - the administration can't and won't keep America safe - they are an incredibly expensive failure.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney shoots a man

Hey kids, remember - next time you gun a man down accidentally, don't tell anyone and when the police ask questions, have your secret service detail get rid of 'em.

Republicans - bringing integrity, accountability and responsibility back to our government. Democrats will bring non-criminal behavior back to our government.


Katrina is yet another example of administration unaccountability. The administration states that only they can keep us safe. They obviously didn't 9/11 - they then resisted attempts to investigate and take corrective actions (though they excelled at vindictive BS). They ultimately (and reluctantly) setup Homeland Security. In it's first big test, Homeland Security failed miserably. Again the administration is uncooperative in investigating and refuses to take corrective action (Brownie wasn't fired). This administration f's up repeatedly and consistently refuses to take responsibility and hence corrective action.

Next administration.